A good night sleep should be custom made
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A good night sleep should be custom made

How our boxsprings are made

Craft and customer made

Hml Bedding is a Dutch family business and manufacturer of box springs and mattresses for bedding stores. Craft and customer made are key. This means we pay great attention and care to our beds, into the smallest details. Our aim is to make genuine beds, as per the requirements of our customers.

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My parents are over the moon with their new mattresses and pillows. They asked me to write this review as they get up every morning with a smile on their face after a good night sleep on their Hml Bedding bed!!!!!

Hanneke van den Berg, ontvangen via Facebook

Every night I have the feeling that I am getting into a luxurious hotel bed…. It is a pleasure getting in my own bed and waking up every morning feeling really refreshed.

Floor Huygen, ontvangen via Facebook

Bought a Hml boxspring five years ago, added one adjustable bottom, again from Hml. Colour, size, everything stays the same! Fantastic, it’s a pleasure to sleep and relax in my bed again.

Tonja Heeren, ontvangen via Facebook

Get more energy....Sleep... on a Hml bed! You can’t go wrong!

Floor Huygen, ontvangen via Facebook

Since 2012 we own a HML Bedding box spring. We had a detailed search and tested (too) many beds, but we still returned to the Hml Bedding beds. Had a good explanation, so we're only positive!

Berry v.d. Burgt, ontvangen via Radar

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Here you will find all the separate elements of our program, complete with all specified sizes and capabilities.

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A good mattress is essential for a good night sleep. At Hml Bedding you will always find a high-quality mattress. However this does not mean that you will sleep well on all our mattresses. We believe that a good night sleep should always be custom made: we advise you to visit one of our sales outlets and try out our mattresses.

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At Hml Bedding we hope you will sleep very well. A good sleep is essential for the way you function during the day. We like to give you more information and ideas for a better night's sleep.

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Dealer reviews

The combination of genuine quality materials, knowledge and the guarantee that everything will be fine, is the main reason we have enjoyed working with Hml Bedding for many years now. Everybody provides an input, custom made is the norm! Plus the fact that it is a Dutch family business with short and clear lines, which is definitely an advantage.

Tom Verweijen

Hml Bedding supply beautiful, comfortable beds made from genuine materials. We also prefer it that it is a Dutch family business with short and clear lines and many possibilities. We never have to let our customers down.

Harry Verbruggen, Verbruggen Slaapkamers

The reliable quality combined with all custom made products. A good service and the fact that they always keep their promises enables us as bedding store to do what we like to do best together with Hml Bedding. To provide good products that make the customer happy.

Maarten, Boonman Bedden Best

I've known Henk and Mark van de Laarschot for years as a trusted peer. No question is too much and it really seems like anything is possible. I therefore have great confidence in a long and pleasant cooperation between Sleepworld and Hml Bedding.

Simon Corsten, Sleepworld Helmond

For many years the Laarschot family is a reliable partner in the sleep industry for us. Clear, pleasant and short lines of communication, a lot of possibilities and always willing to find a solution with us, if what you want is not within the standard options.

Martin en Robert, Van de Kolk Wonen & Slapen

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