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A good night sleep should be custom made

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We take our responsibility and work at least 1.5 meters apart because of the corona virus.

All our sales points naturally respect the RIVM measures and we all put your health first!
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Made to exist long

Fair beds, which meet your needs in detail: that is what Hml Bedding stands for. Hml Bedding is a Dutch family business that produces box springs and mattresses. Craftsmanship and customization are central here. We carry through the enormous attention and care we spend on our beds to the smallest details. This way we can deliver a bed that is completely tailored to your personal preferences.

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A good night sleep should be custom made

Craftsmanship & customization: that is not only a nice slogan, it also says something about our production process. A process in which we always look for a good combination of handicraft, craft and the latest technical possibilities. Below we would like to take you into that process, which we have been working with many people with pleasure and pride for many years.

How our boxsprings are made

Customers about Hml Bedding

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Get more energy....Sleep... on a Hml bed! You can’t go wrong!

Floor Huygen, ontvangen via Facebook

Bought a bed from Hml, I still have to wait a short while but I can’t wait to have a lovely sleep and face a new day completely rested.

Inge Huyboom, ontvangen via Facebook

The search for a bed is something very personal, the recipe must be completely in balance between box spring, mattress and topper. Fortunately they have enough ingredients at Hml Bedding to come up with a fantastic dish. With a beautiful picture and wonderful sleep enjoyment as a result.

Miljuschka Witzenhausen, ontvangen via e-mail

Due to a stupid mistake by ourselves, we got the wrong toppers. Where the dealer quickly informed us that it could mean nothing to us, Hml Bedding does, as a supplier, help with solutions. Within 2 weeks we still had the right toppers. And they sleep wonderfully too. Big plume for Hml Bedding. Special thanks to Mark and Thijn.

Rob, ontvangen via e-mail

Best buy ever, an Hml bed!

Chintia Dunhoft, ontvangen via facebook