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Soft & Basic

A basic interior is so called because both colour and design of furniture is not very outspoken, but rather timeless. If you choos a timless base, such as an anthracite bed and for example a matte white linen closet you can definitely still make an exciting whole.

Here has been chosen for styling with a nice contrasting combination of soft pasters with different grays, whits and blacks. The dark brown wall and little details make it surprising. The accessories in this style have a soft, high quality and a bit of Japanese atmosphere. The soft pink gives it a warm yet fresh feel and is all now.

Use small patterns, but plain, both shiny and matte fabrics , rattan and cane, paper (such as folded lamps) and matte pottery. Choose simple, clean shapes.

A boxspring bed with Rubato headboard in Casa 67 Anthracite fabric is shown below.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
haven S 3502 - G
zwartrood 7613 - R03B
melkweg S 2010 - R