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Cool & Industrial

If you want a big impact, you can use photo-wallpaper with a concrete, rusty metal or brick picture look. A cool photo printing on metal or wood also works well. Colours that fit in this style are all kinds of grays, browns and blues. Feel free to go for multiple colours and tones together. To make it less ‘serious’, you can use a spicyb accent colour as we have done here with ocher yellow.

Mix weathered, hard materials such as metal and concrete with sturdy fabrics such as linen, canvas, suede, wool and leather. Include a beautiful vintage find, such as a lamp, school chair or dresser and the picture is complete.

A boxspring bed with Moderato headboard in Casa 088 Turtle fabric is shown below.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
ram 1462 - B98Y
wier S 5030 - B70G
melk 0403 - B98G