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Peace & Simplicity

The ‘Peace & Simplicity’ style is based on natural colours and materials such as wool, stone, leather, felt and earthenware. So, this style is certainly inspired by nature; you won’t see this literally as images of trees or prints with leaves but rather as the actual use of the materials. You can see how and from what something is made. For example, in this style, you will see extra-coarse woven rugs and linen duvet covers with creases, a pouf with the seams on the outer surface or ceramics where you can still see the edges of the mould.

Do you want this style in your bedroom?
Choose a simple yet beautifully finished headboard like the Sonore or Lento. A white or light-grey floor pairs beautifully with a grey or greyish-green wall. When choosing accessories, focus on the ‘actual’ materials and regarding colours, you can try all possible combinations of grey, greyish-green and greenish-blue. Use a variety of fabrics in the form of plaids and pillows. This style also includes a big plant at home!

A boxspring bed with Sonore headboard in Luca 50 Mint fabric is shown below.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
ram 1462 - B98Y
wier S 5030 - B70G
melk 0403 - B98G