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Luxurious & Core

The new shades of brown and terra tones in combination with light pink are not very logical but look very beautiful. The high contrast with dark blue makes this style so unique. A golden or marble accent also suits very well for this colour palette. So, as you can see, you can style a classic bed very well in a modern way; sometimes colouring a bit outside the lines is pure fun!

If you want to use this style in your bedroom,
it’s important to determine in advance where you wish to put the accent. Choose a maximum of two strong pattern accents such as the rear wall and the duvet in the example. The rest should be relaxing. It can have some colours but choose only a limited number of colours from the core accents that keeps you coming back. This avoids the whole design from becoming too strong (i.e. ‘busy’) because you must also be able to sleep well, of course.

A boxspring bed with Andante headboard in Delta 49 Navy fabric is shown below.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
pandora 3040 – Y80R
herfstnevel 2020 – R10B
groots 7020 – R90B