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Bold & Graphic

You can create a graphic feel in the bedroom by combining a box spring in a neutral colour with graphic prints, for example by a duvet with pillows and blankets. With a lare rug you can also accomplish a lot. In this trend you combine prints like polka dots and stripes with large areas of bright colours. You can actually choose any colour for this (as long as you like it of course).

A good starting point is a black, white and gray base and two or three bright colours that blend well together. We have chosen for bright blue and soft pink here to make the whole a bit softer. On the wall you coud make a collage of framed texts, combined with black and white photography that appeals to you. Dare to do more? Then paint a few
lines or dots magnified on a wall, or a tekst or word that suits you.

Materials that fit in this trend are plastics, leather, (coloured) glass and ceramics. Both glossy and matte or rough and smooth textures can be used interchangeably.

A boxspring bed with Lento headboard in Gapp 65 Grey and Crush 67 Anthracite fabric is shown below.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
doordrongen S 3560 - R80B
kroon S 0580 - Y10R

egelantier S 0540 - R30B