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Rural & Decorative

To create this style, you can choose a more decorated headboard such as the Adagio or Allegretto. These are furnished in a natural fabric. Colours that go great here are taupe and brown tones, neutrals and pastels. As an accent you can add some gold or copper in the styling. The furniture is romantic in appearance and often decorated: think of a little cupboard, French bedside table or matte white lacquered classic wardrobe.

This really is a style in which much use is made of patterns: flowers, waves, curls and ornaments. We see knits, lace, but also satiny fabrics… by combining fabrics and patters you create a warm and surprising whole.

In the styling you can mix an old candlestick and the grandmother’s cuckoo clock with romantic vases in different sizes and colours. Don’t forget about the plants and flowers!

A boxspring bed with Adagio headboard in Board 01 Natural fabric is shown below.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
applaus S 2030 - R

boulevard S 5502 - Y
schelp S 1002 - Y