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What our customers say
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Delivered quickly and neatly assembled.

René Machielsen, ontvangen via website

Everything is well and neatly arranged.

Jegerings, ontvangen via website

We are very happy with our new bed. It looks super nice and the nights (3) we slept on it, we were lying very well. We do have two points for improvement: the light under the bed (at the engine) could have been just a bit brighter, so that it could have been used as 'get-out-of-bed light', and the location of the remote control is quite low, certainly because the remote control of the magnet slips. But otherwise we are completely content with our purchase. (Ed.: contacted the customer and after slightly sanding the back of the control, it does not sink down any more).

Stefan Vervoort, ontvangen via website

Good bed, good service. Everything went fine and fast, we are now sleeping wonderfully.

M. Hamers, ontvangen via website

Lovely bed that is visibly built with care. The delivery up to and including the installation was taken care of to perfection.

Timo van de Put, ontvangen via website

I am very satisfied with my boxspring from Hml Bedding. I wake up refreshed every morning.

J. Vermeer, ontvangen via website

Lovely bed.

Riet Gerritsen, ontvangen via website

Last year, we bought a boxspring of Hml Bedding at Van Zutphen Bedden in Erp. My husband slept very well from the first night. I myself had quite a lot of problems from the first night. Through the entire process for Hml Bedding to search through the entire process for a solution, is always drawn up accommodating. I never got the feeling that I was not taken seriously. They listened very well to me. Ultimately, it all worked out well. I recommend everyone to buy a bed of Hml Bedding. The service is optimal.

Jeanne, ontvangen via e-mail

Good information; we visited the showroom several times and were always helped correctly. Nice bed!

M.Ladan, ontvangen via website

Very nice sale, no push, but honest and genuine. The salesman was very enthusiastic about the men of Montrieurs, the mechanics. No word of lying. We have just slept on the bed for 1 night, but are already very satisfied with the preliminary process!

Petra Poppeliers, ontvangen via website

We are very pleased with the bed. I have quite a lot of neck-, back- and shoulder pain and thanks to your boxspring, mattress and toppers my nights became much better. Thank you very very much!

Karin, ontvangen via facebook

We are extremely satisfied with the purchase of our Hml Bedding boxspring.

S. Poulissen, ontvangen via website

A lovely product on which we sleep wonderfully.

Gert van Eden, ontvangen via website

Very satisfied.

Anne, ontvangen via website

Just ordered a new Hml boxspring!!! Can’t wait!

Peter Maters, ontvangen via Facebook

Lovely bed, slept well from day 1! Our daughter and son-in-law also ordered a Hml-bed.

Karin van Grinsven, ontvangen via website

Nice finish and good value for money. We are very happy with our new bed, it feels like sleeping in a luxury hotel and that's just at home!

Fam. A. van de Velde, ontvangen via website

We are very satisfied with the bed, only it was a disappointment that the headboard had to be adjusted, since the wrong dimensions were used when making a recess for a socket (38 wide x 20 high instead of 20 wide and 38 high). In consultation it was decided to adjust the recess to 38 x 38 cm. This was resolved after 3 - 4 weeks. Since last Saturday we have the compete bed and we like it!

J.G.W. van Helvoirt, ontvangen via e-mail

We are well informed in the store, the delivery was neatly on time, the men have put everything neatly together. And now we hope that we will sleep wonderfully .. for the next 10 years 😉.

Connie, ontvangen via website

We have been sleeping on our new bed for over a month. For my husband we have been searching for a suitable pillow and this one has been found; now we both sleep well. It is a beautiful bed and we are happy with this purchase.

Arie en Rianne Maas, ontvangen via website

We were looking for a new bed, because the current bed was old. My partner and I have totally different wishes regarding sleeping comfort. After looking at our well-known brands, we came across Hml Bedding. The fact that everything is possible with the brand Hml Bedding really appealed to us. Any size and any color you wish can be arranged.

J. vd Oord, ontvangen via website

Looks good and it lays good too.

K. Korf, ontvangen via website

Lovely mattress; offers firmness but feels soft.

Fam. van den Berg, ontvangen via website

We have chosen Hml Bedding because of the quality and proven good service.

Guido Spildooren, ontvangen via website

I deliberately waited 4 months to leave a review. Where we used to sleep on a mattress from another manufacturer starting with an A and now Hml Bedding, i want to tell you that we are very satisfied. Where I mainly had pain in the left shoulder for years after sleeping and woke up at night, it has now completely disappeared and I sleep for the first time all night long and I stand up without pain in the shoulder. It also seems as if we are turning back less and therefore getting more rested. The entire process from buying to delivering is done perfectly and exactly on time. We have chosen a box spring Forte 4000 with headboard Adagio in custom thickness, upholstered mattress Courante compact and topper Vivace HR. All in all, this combination is a TOPPER.

H.c.Bernaards, ontvangen via website

Only slept one night so maybe a bit early for a review, but at least I slept very well the first night! I'am a pea princess and normally I have to get used to a bed and don't sleep well the first night. Certainly not now! Bed also looks nice, meets expectations.

M. Verhoeven, ontvangen via website

Bought a beautiful bed that was delivered quickly.

Jolande Rademaker, ontvangen via website

Slaapcultuur Noppe at Lokeren (Belgium) is rightly proud of your collaboration! What a top product!

Robin Vermeir, ontvangen via website

Very satisfied, the bed sleeps wonderfully! The seller in Eindhoven has helped/advised us very well.

Dominique, ontvangen via website

Good advice, nice bed that sleeps exceptionally well.

Anja van Rijnsbergen, ontvangen via website

Excellent service, delivered by appointment.

Jos Pansier, ontvangen via website

Extremely comfortable. Solid and impeccably built.

MKP Meinema, ontvangen via website

Excellent advice and a nice topper.

G.R. Driessen, ontvangen via website

Since a while I am the proud owner of an electrical boxspring. At first I was not satisfied with the hardness of the topper. So I contacted Hml Bedding via the dealer. The service I received after that was out of this world. The care they took to satisfy my needs was fantastic. Not for one moment I felt like I was nagging them. And the problem was solved 150%. No cheap sales talk, but stick to your promise, that is what they stand for. Excellent, keep up the good work.

Theo van den Dungen, ontvangen via Facebook

Very good. Friendly, customer-oriented people.

Rob Wensink, ontvangen via website

Since half a year also a bed of Hml; nice and fine.

Anne-Marie Kok-Levens

Top quality!

Frits Zillig, ontvangen via website

Unfortunately, the bed was not assembled properly at once. Mechanics from Montrieurs (ed.) had to come back one more time to tighten bolts at the foot end. We still doubt whether we should have purchased a footboard. We did not like it and according to the salesperson it was not necessary. We do have to regularly push the bed into 'model' again, because it is shifting. So a footboard...? Would be very unfortunate! (ed. contacted and the shifting has been resolved).

A. van Soest, ontvangen via website

Recently we ordered a very nice Hml Bedding boxspring at De Vries in Malden (and already delivered). Our first experience is super. Lovely bedding and a great look!

Geert-Jan Brom, ontvangen via e-mail

Good bed, looks good.

Christian van den Boom, ontvangen via website

We have received our customized box spring. Delivery by Boonman 's-Hertogenbosch. An excellent preliminary process with good explanation and advice. Delivery time entirely as expected. Our choice fell on Hml Bedding given the many options and the beautiful finish. In one word fantastic.

Ruud Haans, ontvangen via website

Good advice and excellent delivery.

Frans van Santen, ontvangen via website

Since 2012 we own a HML Bedding box spring. We had a detailed search and tested (too) many beds, but we still returned to the Hml Bedding beds. Had a good explanation, so we're only positive!

Berry v.d. Burgt, ontvangen via Radar

Very nice and hopefully nice bed. He just arrived, looks great!

Brigitte Zeeuw van der, ontvangen via website

Delivery went well, could have been a little faster. Furthermore, the first impressions are good.

Kevin van Eijk, ontvangen via website

Good service, top quality bed! Should have done that much sooner!

Patrick Hendriks, ontvangen via website

Bought a Hml boxspring five years ago, added one adjustable bottom, again from Hml. Colour, size, everything stays the same! Fantastic, it’s a pleasure to sleep and relax in my bed again.

Tonja Heeren, ontvangen via Facebook

Top product!

THJM vd bos Coehorst, ontvangen via website

Custom made in detail.. but also service in detail. You provide a super service, thank you very much.

Karin Keeris, ontvangen via facebook

Since we have an Hml bed, we really wake up well.

Rene Melio, ontvangen via facebook

Nice help and excellent service. They do what they say.

M. Straub, ontvangen via website

Lovely bed, we sleep much better now. The bed has a good height so is suitable for seniors.

Agnita Kuipers, ontvangen via website

Last Saturday we welcomed our new Hml happy with it! We got the bed within the agreed delivery time, neatly delivered on time (after a telephone call exactly 8 am on Saturday!) Neatly installed, everything neat and tidy, exactly as we ordered. You sometimes hear otherwise! We are very pleased with your bed and will certainly recommend to friends!

Eva Broers, ontvangen via facebook

Great bed, absolutely recommended! Have doubted long for the purchase of this bed (it's quite a big amount) but I am very happy with the choice afterwards. Still every night when I am in bed, I think about how nice I find the bed. Definitely a must! We have the Boxspring Forte 4000, each with its own topper.

Jenny van Herpen, ontvangen via website

We have the Toba model and it looks beautiful and it sleeps fantastic!

Cecile Habraken, ontvangen via Facebook

Good price/quality ratio.

Jos Knubben, ontvangen via website

Nice and comfortable beds.

M.M. Jonker, ontvangen via website

We are very satisfied with Boonman Bedden in Schijndel and the chosen boxspring. The delivery went well as agreed. The installation was not done with sufficient care. A leg and the headboard are placed under the bed on the wiring. We expected this differently. Incidentally, we are very satisfied with how Hml Bedding has handled the guarantee registration for us!

A. van de Ven, ontvangen via website

Excellent quality, nice finish.

G.H. Boom, ontvangen via website

It is now almost 2 years since we bought our Hml Bedding bed at Boonman Bedden in Eindhoven; top quality and top service.

Chintia Dunhoft, ontvangen via facebook

Great bed and excellent service at Woonboulevard Poortvliet. However, 3 months delivery time is a bit long (note from Hml Bedding: we have used the delivery time requested by the dealer).

J.F. Molendijk, ontvangen via website

Get more energy....Sleep... on a Hml bed! You can’t go wrong!

Floor Huygen, ontvangen via Facebook

Wonderful bed! Looks great to sleep in. There were many options to put together your own dream bed. The bed has just been delivered so tonight the first night...

Cathy Laarman, ontvangen via website

We have received a fair and clear explanation in the store. We were not pushed to have to buy and the delivery and installation went perfectly. It is a quality product so we knew we had to wait a few weeks before it was delivered.

Roger, ontvangen via website

Sleeps super!

Joost van den Berg, ontvangen via facebook

After some start-up problems, which have been neatly solved by the manufacturer, I am very satisfied.

C. de Schipper, ontvangen via website

We have been sleeping on our lovely boxspring with luxurious topper and super fitted sheet for 6 weeks now!

Floor Huygen, ontvangen via Facebook

From the moment at the arrival at Boonman Bedden up to and including the delivery excellent communication and service.

Eric van Haaren, ontvangen via website

Best buy ever, an Hml bed!

Chintia Dunhoft, ontvangen via facebook

Good bed.

F.C.Sammelius, ontvangen via website

Beautiful bed, beautiful finishes, very good advice and compare at Boonman Bedden! Hml Bedding and Boonman Bedden are highly recommended!

JMS Verberkmoes, ontvangen via website

Lovely bed! Sleeps fantastic. Definitely worth the investment.

Rutmer Mourits, ontvangen via website

Very happy with our new bed! The headboard rattles, but that is still solved by the supplier.

Diana Driessen, ontvangen via website

Very good quality and appearance. Excellent sleeping comfort.

Roy de Renett, ontvangen via website

Bought a Hml Bedding bed today. We have been looking for days and tried out numerous of beds. Heard all possible sales talk. Search the internet till we fell asleep, what a jungle! We had never heard of Hml before but their way of dealing with things, the comfort of their top model and the fact that this product is made close to home really convinced us. We just have to wait and see if it sleeps as great as it looks.

Milo Verhoeven, ontvangen via Facebook

From advice to delivery satisfied. The Stringendo headboard has been completely adapted to our wishes. The finish and solidity is immediately visible. 'Hml Bedding ambacht & maatwerk' complies with its agreements. I had asked 1 question and received a neat answer within one working day.

Alex van Lith, ontvangen via website

A ten with a granger!

Anja Sandee, ontvangen via website

I wish I was Sleeping Beauty so I could sleep for a hundred years. In other words: Super satisfied with the bed.

Neeltje Slits, ontvangen via Facebook

Since a few weeks we are the owners of some mattresses and we are really happy with them. At first we chose a different brand, but what a hassle we had! The Sales rep let us chose other mattresses and advised us to take these ones. We can finally enjoy our sleep again and relax and wake up completely refreshed thanks to these lovely mattresses!

Linda Uylenhoet-van Den Bosch, ontvangen via Facebook

Perfect order/delivery and sleeping quality.

De Clercq Dany, ontvangen via website


M. van den Oetelaar, ontvangen via website

My parents are over the moon with their new mattresses and pillows. They asked me to write this review as they get up every morning with a smile on their face after a good night sleep on their Hml Bedding bed!!!!!

Hanneke van den Berg, ontvangen via Facebook

We bought a box spring in 2017. After a few months we were not completely satisfied. The dealer brought us into contact with the supplier and they came to see for themselves. After some trying with extra layers in the topper, we are now satisfied with the final result. THANK YOU for the personal and good service.

Arnold en Jacqueline, ontvangen via e-mail

Every night I have the feeling that I am getting into a luxurious hotel bed…. It is a pleasure getting in my own bed and waking up every morning feeling really refreshed.

Floor Huygen, ontvangen via Facebook

Due to a stupid mistake by ourselves, we got the wrong toppers. Where the dealer quickly informed us that it could mean nothing to us, Hml Bedding does, as a supplier, help with solutions. Within 2 weeks we still had the right toppers. And they sleep wonderfully too. Big plume for Hml Bedding. Special thanks to Mark and Thijn.

Rob, ontvangen via e-mail

Bought a bed from Hml, I still have to wait a short while but I can’t wait to have a lovely sleep and face a new day completely rested.

Inge Huyboom, ontvangen via Facebook

Going to sleep in that lovely bed is still a real treat every night.

mevr. Huigen, ontvangen via Facebook

Excellent service and a nice bed!

L. Pessers, ontvangen via website

Very fine; sales advisor, delivery and installation are top!

Ria Straver, ontvangen via website

Tried different beds, but this one was very nice. Certainly no regrets.

A van Bokhoven, ontvangen via website

Nice bed!

Carmen Hartendorf, ontvangen via website

Our split topper is wonderful.

C.W.G.H.A. Hendrickx, ontvangen via website

The search for a bed is something very personal, the recipe must be completely in balance between box spring, mattress and topper. Fortunately they have enough ingredients at Hml Bedding to come up with a fantastic dish. With a beautiful picture and wonderful sleep enjoyment as a result.

Miljuschka Witzenhausen, ontvangen via e-mail