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Moodboard - Tropisch & goud

Moodboard - Werelds & industrieel

Moodboard - Naturel & minimalisme

Moodboard - Luxe & pit

Luxurious & core

This style is for the daredevils amongst us… The design in this style is inspired slightly from classic designs like this bed with padded headboard but the colour combination is nothing short of bold! The new shades of brown and terra tones in combination with light pink are not very logical but look very beautiful. The high contrast with dark blue makes this style so unique.

A golden or marble accent also suits very well for this colour palette. So, as you can see, you can style a classic bed very well in a modern way; sometimes colouring a bit outside the lines is pure fun!

If you want to use this style in your bedroom, it’s important to determine in advance where you wish to put the accent. Choose a maximum of two strong pattern accents such as the rear wall and the duvet in the example. The rest should be relaxing. It can have some colours but choose only a limited number of colours from the core accents that keeps you coming back. This avoids the whole design from becoming too strong (i.e. ‘busy’) because you must also be able to sleep well, of course.

Pictured is a boxspring with headboard Andante in the fabric color Delta 49 Navy.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
pandora 3040 – Y80R
herfstnevel 2020 – R10B
groots 7020 – R90B

Moodboard - Rust & eenvoud

Peace & simplicity

A style that originated as a response to our busy society… we have to do more, our agendas are full, and we hardly allow any time for ourselves. At home you want to relax!

The peace and simplicity style is based on natural colours and materials such as wool, stone, leather, felt and pottery. The inspiration for this style can certainly be found in nature, but is not literally displayed in images of trees or prints with leaves, but more in the materials used. You can see how and of which material something is made, for example in this style you will see extra coarse woven rugs and linen duvet covers that may wrinkle. A pouf with seams on the outside, or ceramic of which you can still see the lines of the mold.

Would you like to have this style in your bedroom? Select a simple but nicely finished headboard such as the Sonore or Lento. A whit or light gray floor will look good with grayed greens or gray colours on the wall. Pay attention to ‘real’ materials when choosing accessories and combine grayed greend, green-blue and gray colours. Use a lot of textile in the shape of plaids and (uni) pillows. A large plant also certainly goes with this style!

Pictured is a boxspring with headboard Sonore in the fabric color Luca 50 Mint.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
badparel S 1010 - G
opvallend S 3010 – G30Y
zinnia S 6020 – G10Y

Moodboard - Zacht & Basic

Soft & Basic

A basic interior is so called because both colour and design of furniture is not very outspoken, but rather timeless.

If you choos a timless base, such as an anthracite bed and for example a matte white linen closet you can definitely still make an exciting whole.

Here has been chosen for styling with a nice contrasting combination of soft pasters with different grays, whits and blacks. The dark brown wall and little details make it surprising. The accessories in this style have a soft, high quality and a bit of Japanese atmosphere. The soft pink gives it a warm yet fresh feel and is all now.

Use small patterns, but plain, both shiny and matte fabrics , rattan and cane, paper (such as folded lamps) and matte pottery. Choose simple, clean shapes.

Pictured is a boxspring with headboard Rubato in the fabric color Casa 67 Anthracite.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
ram 1462 - B98Y
wier S 5030 - B70G
melk 0403 - B98G

Moodboard - Klassiek & vintage

Classical & vintage

A classic design reminds of a bygone era .... castles, manors, paneling, beautiful door handles, chandeliers and paneled doors. The trick to a really classical base like this is to create a whole but not like stepping inside to Louis the fourteenth’s. It’s important to siginificantly add some bright colours as a counterpart to the many dark wood (floors and paneling), for example with a light wall, quilt and rug. Cool whites give an extra contrast and are very fresh.

The best in addition to the neutral shades of wood and sand white and taupe tones is to choose one spot colour. Blue is a beautiful classic colour because it is very nice with warm woods such as cherry, oak and mahogany. By playing with different shades of blue and for example to mix pillows with different patterns together, you will get a contemporary atmosphere.

Pictured is a boxspring with headboard Stringendo in the fabric color Mine 51 Khaki.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
twijg S 7005 - Y20R
denim S 6020 - R90B
fabel S 2030 - B

Moodboard - Landelijk & decoratief

Rural & decorative

The country style is popular for bedroom because in this style natural materials and romantic shapes are used. In the often neutral base, accessories are used commonly.

To create this style, you can choose a more decorated headboard such as the Adagio or Allegretto. These are furnished in a natural fabric. Colours that go great here are taupe and brown tones, neutrals and pastels. As an accent you can add some gold or copper in the styling. The furniture is romantic in appearance and often decorated: think of a little cupboard, French bedside table or matte white lacquered classic wardrobe. This really is a style in which much use is made of patterns: flowers, waves, curls and ornaments. We see knits, lace, but also satiny fabrics… by combining fabrics and patters you create a warm and surprising whole.

In the styling you can mix an old candlestick and the grandmother’s cuckoo clock with romantic vases in different sizes and colours. Don’t forget about the plants and flowers!

Pictured is a boxspring with headboard Adagio in the fabric color Board 01 Natural.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
applaus S 2030 - R
boulevard S 5502 - Y
schelp S 1002 - Y

Moodboard - Fris & Scandinavisch

Fresh & Scandinavian

A Scandinavian interior features blond wood, a lot of white and light gray, natural materials in often simple and organic shapes. This style has a warm atmosphere and is therefore ideal for the bedroom.

For a base you choose a light wood floor or wall, lots of white walls and for example a blue or light gray box spring. The colour palette is balanced and restrained, and includes light colours like gray, blue, white and sand colors. You could go for a duvet in a beautiful natural fabric, plain or with a small pattern. This can be combined with graphic pillows and a wool plaid. A large landscape picture in the duvet cover or wall will also fit well in this trend and easily adds a nice atmosphere to the room.

Styling with beautiful natural items made of glass, matte wood or frosted matte ceramic. A cool lamp as eye-catcher is the finishing touch.

Pictured is a boxspring with headboard Allegretto in the fabric color Board 41 Lightblue.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
graaf S 8502 - B
zeehondje S 0502 – B
pluis S 2020 - B10G

Moodboard - Gedurfd & grafisch

Bold & graphic

You can create a graphic contemporary feel in the bedroom by combining a box spring in a neutral colour with graphic prints, for example by a duvet with pillows and blankets. With a lare rug you can also accomplish a lot.

In this trend you combine prints like polka dots and stripes with large areas of bright colours. You can actually choose any colour for this (as long as you like it of course). A good starting point is a black, white and gray base and two or three bright colours that blend well together. We have chosen for bright blue and soft pink here to make the whole a bit softer. On the wall you coud make a collage of framed texts, combined with black and white photography that appeals to you. Dare to do more? Then paint a few lines or dots magnified on a wall, or a tekst or word that suits you. Think big and with a wink! Materials that fit in this trend are plastics, leather, (coloured) glass and ceramics. Both glossy and matte or rough and smooth textures can be used interchangeably.

Pictured is a boxspring with headboard Lento in the fabric color Gapp 65 Grey in combination with Crush 67 Anthracite.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
doordrongen S 3560 - R80B
kroon S 0580 - Y10R
egelantier S 0540 - R30B

Moodboard - Stoer & industrieel

Cool & industrial

An industrial style in the bedroom is easy to create. Choose a box spring in a rough natural fabric with linen or canvas look. If you want a big impact, you can use photo-wallpaper with a concrete, rusty metal or brick picture look. A cool photo printing on metal or wood also works well. Colours that fit in this style are all kinds of grays, browns and blues. Feel free to go for multiple colours and tones together. To make it less ‘serious’, you can use a spicyb accent colour as we have done here with ocher yellow.

Mix weathered, hard materials such as metal and concrete with sturdy fabrics such as linen, canvas, suede, wool and leather. Include a beautiful vintage find, such as a lamp, school chair or dresser and the picture is complete.

Pictured is a boxspring with headboard Moderato in the fabric color Casa 088 Turtle.

Matching paint colors (Histor):
ram 1462 - B98Y
wier S 5030 - B70G
melk 0403 - B98G