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Custom made

Craft & customisation: this is not just a nice slogan but it also says something about our production process. A process whereby we are always looking for a good combination between handiwork, craft and the most recent technical possibilities. Below we like to take you through the process. A process where we have worked on for many years with a lot of people, with a lot of fun and pride.

The base: wood

We use a MDF pressing from A-quality for the base of our box spring and head board. This pressing has a high density (cell density) therefore the plates are not just strong but they are also as light as possible.

The bottom plates are provided with ventilation holes, therefore an optimal air circulation is still possible after upholstery.

At the bottom side we assemble baseboards made from solid wood.

This will ensure that we cannot see the frame. The attachment points to which the frame is assembled, are always locked manually by us. This will ensure that they can’t come loose during transport but also to ensure that the bed can be assembled easily after a possible removal. This seems obvious but unfortunately it isn’t. At Hml Bedding we therefore pay just a little more attention to the bed, to ensure that it can be assembled several times without any problems.

After the assembly the bottom plate is checked manually to get rid of any sharp edges or imperfections, so that these are not visible later in the process or can cause wear to the inside of the fabric.

Then the hinges are attached, they make sure that the head and bottom part of the electrical adjustable bed can be placed in the desired position. We use high tech hinges, which turn at a certain point that was determined after careful calculations. The hinges are attached with bolts from the bottom side through the MDF bottom plate. Therefore, they are completely embedded to the bottom plate and form an extremely solid base.

The mattresses: foam

Our mattresses (both the lose mattresses as the mattresses that are part of our box springs), consists of one or several types of foam, combined with one or more core pockets that are provided with several comfort zones. Depending on sleeping position, posture and the personal preferences of our clients, a mattress is made from these elements and is guaranteed to provide perfect sleeping comfort. Our assortment of available foam is huge, with a large diversity in density (degree to which the foam is compressible) and hardness. As we only use foam from the highest quality, we not just guarantee sleeping comfort but also a long lifespan of the mattresses.

The large blocks of foam are cut into workable plates and beams, completely mechanical and computerised. Therefore, we know for sure that the desired thickness can each time be produced faultlessly. After cutting the plates and beams we move to the upholstery department, here they are processed in the build-up of the mattresses and the box springs together with the core pockets.

The covers for head boards, foot boards and mattresses: upholstering

The production of the covers for head boards, foot boards and mattresses starts in our workplace. First of all, we get the fabric ready that was chosen by the client. After that the patterns are cut from the fabric as efficient as possible, fully automatic and computerised.

All that remains necessary is manual craftsmanship to create beautiful covers from the cut elements for the head board, foot board and mattresses. Luckily we have a great team of ladies which have been working here for many years with great pleasure. This way we are able to supply each client with a bed that has the desired look even in the smallest detail.

Now that the covers are ready, we can make a start with the build-up of the bed. The foam is used to make an edge and is glued to the bottom plate. The pocket lies in between on the bottom plate and is covered by a layer of foam. Now it is time to give the bed a personal touch. The fabric, chosen by the client and made into a cover, is applied skilfully. With great care and attention the bed is completely upholstered manually. In our view this can only be done by professional people that have been working with fabric and foam for years.

The finishing touch: final assembly

After the upholstering comes the final assembly. The head board and foot board are attached. The metal studs are already prepared in the wooden frame, and the metal fittings are attached solidly with bolts. Now you can be sure that these elements will do what they are supposed to do for the coming years.

Final check, packing and transport

After checking all the above parts the bed is completely examined visually during the final check. This way we can ensure that everything we pack is to our complete satisfaction. After that, everything is packed and prepared for transport to one of our dealer in the country, after which it will quickly feature in one of the Dutch bed rooms.