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Not just a good mattress determines to large extent the quality of your sleep, a good pillow contributes tot his as well. In order to offer you optimal sleeping comfort, we have also expanded our product range with a fine line of pillows.

We also offer 3D flannel. This flannel will keep you warm in winter and provide pleasant coolness in summer. For more information see


Model information

Our line of pillows has a semicircular reces which takes into account the natural shapes of you body. You no longer have to press your shoulder in the pillow to get proper support. Because of the latex core, the pillow keeps its shape which will give your head a constant support throughout the night. This way you will no longer have to shake your pillow. The height of the pillow will stay the same the whole night, causing you to have a quiterer night.

The upper side is filled with fuzz which gives a soft “touch” to the upper side. The soft top and rigid base are a great combination that can give you the right support.

Technical information

Core: 100% latex, dimensionally stable, Ticking: upper side filled with 90% fuzz, antiallergic, 100% cotton batiste washable at 40 degrees.


Because everyone has a different physique, both pillows are available in two heights. The Crescendo type has a smoother Latex core than the Diminuendo type.

Size Dimensions Height
Crescendo 40 x 60 9
Crescendo 40 x 60 11
Diminuendo 40 x 60 9
Diminuendo 40 x 60 11