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About us

Hml Bedding is a Dutch family business and manufacturer of boxsprings and mattresses for bedding stores. Craft and customer made are key. This means we pay great attention and care to our beds, into the smallest details. Our aim is to make genuine beds, as per the requirements of our customers.

Hml Bedding is not about the product but about your sleeping comfort. This sleeping comfort is very personal and depends on your sleeping attitude, posture and personal preferences. Therefore we believe that a good night sleep should always be custom made. We consciously choose a vision and working method where custom made is key and self-evident.

Open and honest

As supplier of beds, we at Hml Bedding know what we are talking about. Within our company we have over 25 years of experience in sleeping comfort and sleeping systems. Plus the roots of the current owner Mark van de Laarschot go back to the bedding store. The passion for sleeping and quality solutions for sleeping problems have always been his motives. He has spoken to many customers about this and helped them in their search for a suitable solution. On one side he is listening to customers and on the other side he is working closely with a large number of suppliers. By combining customers’ requests with his knowledge of the (technical) possibilities in the market, he can realise a suitable solution for every request. A solution that can be delivered at a fair price at the right time. Our reliability to deliver materials and be on time is something we are really proud of. But we do not realise the solutions we offer all by ourselves. But with communicating in an open, honest and professional manner, our partners and we can realise solutions that will make our customers happy.

About the names of our beds

When repositioning Hml Bedding in 2014 we searched for a look that suited our identity, vision and objectives. During this process we formulated key factors as “craft” and “custom made”. And our product names had to fit this bill of course. We found the solution in one of the oldest crafts in the world: music. In the ancient old musical terms we were able to express many of our (emotional) features of our products.

Each product group has been assigned to a group of related musical terms in order to come up with a suitable name for ours beds and accessories. Please find them listed below.

Boxspring combinations: compositions

Our boxspring combinations are often chosen combinations that are a pleasant starting point in your search for the prefect bed. It is a combination of different elements and you can see this in the name. We have chosen for compositions (musical works) like ouverture, suite or symphony. Just as our boxspring combinations these terms have a “summarising” function and can consist of all musical terms. The ouverture is the “opening piece” here: the basis for our boxspring combinations. The symphony, in music often a very extended composition with several parts, is the most luxurious version. The suite (a string of related dance forms) and cantata (composition for one or more singers, often in several parts) are between the opening piece and the most extended symphony.

Headboards: tempi

Music can be played at a different pace: very slow and lingering or very quick and vivid. These different paces can give you different feelings like classic for slow and light and fun for a quicker pace. We have projected this on our headboards. We have the rather classic headboards like Largo, Lento and Adagio named after a slow pace. The modern Presto and the playful Allegro named after a quicker pace. This way we try to connect each name to the (emotional) meaning of the musical terms.

Footboards: articulation

When you play a wind instrument or when you touch the strings of a violin, piano or double bass you can shape the tone in different ways. You can make it short and sharp (staccato) or a bit broader (portato). The tunes can also be connected through legato: you do not hear the individual tune but it is a fluent wave of tunes. In music this is called articulation. We have used these articulation terms for our footboards. Again we used the feelings that are associated with a certain articulation. Legato is a fluent wave that is associated with classic. Staccato is pointy, “square” just as the footboard. The portato footboard has a friendlier shape, as well as the music when this portato is played.

Traditional and upholstered mattresses: dances

The mattresses are a very important part of each boxspring. As a mattress is part of a boxspring combination, a dance is part of a composition. Therefore we named our mattresses after dances or parts of compositions that are (traditionally) part of a classical piece of music. Menuet is a French dance from the Baroque period, often part of a symphony. Courante, gavotte and rondeau are also dances originally appearing in a suite. The cadens is a (more free) part of a piece of music, often from a solo concert.

Toppers: character

Literally and as a matter of speech the topper finishes the boxspring combination. Same as the character of the music determines the final sound of the music. This can be vivid (vivace), lovely (dolce) or full of fire (con fuoco). Our toppers are named after these characteristics, as they are the “finishing touch”.

Accessories: solo and maestro

Our stools and footstools are a great match with our beds but they are not part of our boxspring combinations. That is why we named them after the most stubborn people in the music world: soloists and maestros. Plus we also liked the sound of ‘solo’ and ‘maestro’. This is also important to us.